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Album info

Various Artists-
It's Craptacular: -ismist '99 Sampler

• -ism CD 0054
• Released December 16, 1998
• Format: CD

It's Craptacular developed as a promo only CD to send to people who mail ordered the last copies of Slipknot's album anytime after October of 1998. This was mainly because we had uprooted our Lincoln, Nebraska offices, and moved them to Minneapolis, and we took a super long time filling mail orders because of it. We did this as a bonus for those who waited. A limited number of copies made it into the hands of Scrid for their 1999 East coast tour as well.

Kung Pao - Nakoma
Plastik Trumpet - Judy (is a Chimp)
Ritual Device - Circumcised
Wide - 1000% for Profit
Stew - I Know
Fullblown - Chief Melting Face
Sawdust Devil - Blood Flowers
Scrid - Moist
Frontier Trust - Kicked to the Curb
House of Large Sizes - Ball Dropper
The Return - Laughing in My Face

Tracks (cont'd)

Wide - The New Church
Row 8, Plot 30 - Cockroach
The Sissies - God Save My Eyes
Pop Sickle - Pulling Mussels (from the Shell)
Young Executives - Every Single Time
Sean Benjamin - Deep Blue Mama
Richard Schultz - Ladders to the Sun
Mimi Schneider - Date with Destiny
Floating Opera - Teenage Death Song
Todd Grant - Under America
Sputnik - E=mC2