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Album info

Various Artists-
We Will Bury You: A Tribute to Killdozer

• -ism CD 0078
• Released Sept. 5, 2006
• Format: CD

We were having a rough time trying to figure out what to say about one of the greatest Midwest bands of the late 80's to late 90's. There is no way to do justice to a band both dead serious and outright funny. A band with so much swagger that was devoted to writing about every day idiocy and doing that with a cutting wit. Instead of fumbling with words, we decided a timeline worked better... 1983-Killdozer forms in Madison, Wisconsin with the line-up of Michael Gerald (bass and vocals), Bill Hobson (guitar) and Dan Hobson (drums). 1996-After dozens of releases primarily, but not exclusively on Chicago's Touch and Go Records, Killdozer plays its final show in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Thru its thirteen year career, thousands of live shows spanning North America and Europe and impressive recorded discography Killdozer has attracted a cult following and influenced countless bands to follow. 1997-Devoted friend of the band and -ismist Recordings chief, Dan Schlissel, decides a band as monumental and influential as Killdozer deserves a proper tribute compilation. Bands are asked to contribute and many tracks begin to materialize. 2002-Madison, Wisconsin label Crustacean Records similarly decides the mighty Killdozer deserves a grand tribute compilation. Michael Gerald is contacted who directs Crustacean to colloborate with -ismist. Contact is made and Crustacean Records begins enlisting bands and getting a seconds disc of Killdozer covers recorded. 2006-The compilation is still simmering on the back burner when the news hits that Killdozer is playing a one off reunion show with all original members on Saturday September 9th as part of the Touch and Go 25th Anniversary Celebration. It provides the proverbial requisite kick in the ass to get both labels to get the album to release.

Killdozer - Disco Inferno
Red Max - King of Sex
Powerwagon - Piledriver
Cash Money - Lupus
Kung Pao - Space: 1999
Mt. Shasta - Knuckles the Dog
Season to Risk - Cotton Bolls
Scrid - Porky's Dad
The Ed Gein Fan Club (feat. Tom Hazelmyer) - Ed Gein
Leopold - Enemy of the People
Elvis '77 - Big Song of Hell
Ninja School - Hot 'n' Tot
Haze XXL (Feat. Paddy Costello) - Going to the Beach
Meatjack - New Pants and Shirt

Tracks (cont'd)

Killdozer - King of Sex Butch Vig Remix
Brainerd - Ed Gein
Wendy Buggati (feat. Magma and Ernie) - A Man's Gotta Be a Man
No Moss! - Hamburger Martyr
The JJ Paradise Player's Club - Cotton Bolls
Gorch Fock - Free Love in Amsterdam
Corruption is King - Final Market
Droids Attack - The Pig Was Cool
Rocket Fuel is the Key - Working Hard, or Hardly Working
Hunchback - A Mother Has a Hard Road
IfIHadHifi - The Buzzard
Speedloader - Daddy's Boy
The Skintones - The Nobbies
echo-static - Cannonball Run III: Revenge of the Dumbass!