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Album info

Kung Pao-

• -ism CD 0075
• Released May 9, 2002
• Format: CD

Imagine the classic dynamics and womp of Tad, the sonic theory of Unsane, the tightness of Helmet, and the humor and edge of Killdozer. Understand these influences, but realize that Kung Pao have their own style and are unique to the underground. Imagine you're a brat, now boil yourself in beer, grill yourself to perfection and lay down in a comfortable onion bun, cover yourself in spicy mustard, and be eaten alive. The time has come, step up to the throne of the Denim Nation and take the ride of your life to Sheboygan, you will never be the same...

• Hotpockets
• Freeballin' USA
• Honk [listen]
• Go Frenchie Go!
• Truckstop
• Dewsicle
• Braces
• Dolby Surround
• Like Leprechaun
• Anti-Wovy Machine
• Miss Ice Cream Cool